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We encourage you to monitor police activity and REPORT any incident with police and council rangers that you may experience and/or witness.

Remember — You have the right to be in a public place at any hour of the day.

It’s important to KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and Ways to Keep Yourself Safe!

DO NOT RUN from Police and Council Rangers… if approached, remain calm and always be polite – always follow their direction.

Always ask for the officers’ name, rank, and police station. You are allowed to ask and officers must tell you… if they refuse and/or cover their badge, note the date and time and/or vehicle registration – this will help identify officers when you report the incident.

Please be aware police monitor social networking websites, and that members of the community and its organisations are posing as beat users on these sites to actively discourage men from using beats — we suggest caution at all times when using these sites



July 17 — DARCY DUNSTER RESERVE, ALBION PARK — It’s been reported that Security have been visiting this area during the day, sitting in their car at west end of car park and taking registration details… ‘next thing you get a visit from the police at your door asking about your activities at this beat.’

If you’ve been approached as a result of having your vehicle details recorded… please report it immediately.


October 28, 2009

Report received of two police officers telling men to ‘piss off’ and threatening to take them to the police station.

Officers cannot tell you to piss off and threaten to lock you up, or use inappropriate and homophobic language – and officers are to be reminded of the level of professionalism expected in undertaking their duties, particularly in relation to policing beats.

Always ask for their name, rank and station, which they must tell you… or note the police vehicle identification/registration and time of day.


May 31, 2009

We have received further reports of police activity, this time in marked cars and in uniform. Police are harassing men, asking for identification, and why they are at a public park…


May 16, 2009

We have received numerous reports indicating that police officers in unmarked vehicles have been approaching men at ‘known’ beats and addressing them in an intimidating manner, recording driver’s license and vehicle registration numbers, and issuing verbal move-on notices.

We are concerned by these reports and have requested a meeting with Supt. Donna Adney, GLBT Spokersperson for NSW Police, to discuss this further.

We have also requested she discuss these concerns with the Commander at Lake Illawarra LAC, and implement beat training to improve understanding about beats and address homophobia and hate-crime in the area.

We are also keen to see beat training for GLLOs and police officers implemented across NSW – especially in rural and regional areas where gay men and beat users are particularly vulnerable, and have requested that this be undertaken.

We will keep you informed, and in the meantime, please continue to report police activity either through the ONLINE REPORT or the comments section to your right.k