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Wyong Council and NSW Police encourage homophobia


We thank Wyong Council and NSW Police for signage that encourages homophobia and vigilante activity…

we’re aware that council workers will harass men, and have previously raised concerns about homophobic violence and ‘non-responsive’ GLLO and police officers.

This does little to build trust and encourage men to report hate-related crimes against them, and we’re alarmed that Chief Supt. Donna Adney would allow signage that encourages homophobia from her officers, council and the public.

please keep safe and always look out for each other – alert others to any danger in the area


Poll: Do You Trust police
Poll: Do Think Police Are Homophobic



Don’t become a victim of crime 

March 2012 – Please be aware of police operations to address youth crime and robberies in the Newcastle and Hunter area (see articles below)

There is the possibility that youths may look for easier targets at beats — if you encounter any trouble…

  • Immediately Contact Police – 000
  • Do not scatter – youths usually hunt in packs, so be aware there may be others waiting — stay close to other men in the area and move to safety
  • Always be aware of your surroundings and vigilant about your safety
  • Don’t carry anything valuable
  • Alert others to any danger and always look out for each other
  • You can also report to police after an incident – CrimeStoppers 1800 333 000

Vigilante empowerment by police and local councils remains a problem — homophobic youths know police will turn a blind eye to violence against beat users… this puts the safety of the GLBTIQ community at risk.

Please be careful and REPORT immediately if you encounter any problems with homophobic youths and/or police do not respond to hate-related crime in a professional and considerate manner. 

We can also notify police on your behalf if you wish to remain anonymous — REPORT any incidents

More strike forces to deal with robberies

Newcastle Herald | 09 Mar, 2012 | View Entire Article

Hunter teen criminals warned

Newcastle Herald | 08 Mar, 2012 | View Entire Article

SENIOR police have warned teen criminals they are facing long jail terms for menacing people for mobile phones and cash.

With two new police strike forces set up yesterday to combat the increased armed robberies across the Hunter, inner-city officers are also battling a dramatic rise in street robberies where individuals are being bashed and threatened with weapons for a few dollars and a phone.

Youths as young as 12 have allegedly used stand-over tactics in such attacks, with information released yesterday identifying at least 30 street robberies across the Newcastle City local area command since September.

That figure includes two more incidents on Tuesday night, one in the city when a 22-year-old was punched in the head before his wallet was taken and another when a man refused to hand over his valuables when a youth armed with a knife threatened him.

Newcastle City crime manager Detective Chief Inspector Wayne Humphrey said he was not sure if the attackers fully understood that they were risking their freedom.

‘‘They are committing serious crimes, offences with penalties which reflect how seriously the legislators and the community view them,’’ he said.

‘‘We are talking about up to 14 years for stealing from a person, [and up] to 25 years for doing the same, armed with a weapon.’’

Mr Humphrey said there had been 69 reported robberies in the Newcastle City local area command since September 1.



We have received a second report that these three youths attacked another man in the Gosford area on the night of November 29.

Gosford Police have been informed… Please report any incidents with these youths or other hate-related crime in the Gosford area directly to:

Det. Snr. Constable Jodi Ardill from Gosford Police on 4379 7399


Gosford – November 29

Please be aware that we have received a disturbing report that a man was punched in the face while sitting his car.

The man was approached by a youth and they chatted. The youth then asked for the time and the man went to his car. Another two youths appeared… One of them approached the vehicle and tapped on the car window, the man rolled it down and the youth asked for a cigarette and then for the time – then punched the man in the face while he was distracted… it happened very quickly.

The youths were laughing at the man while this happened. He was able to quickly roll up the window and made every effort to escape. The youths blocked the vehicle and taunted him, then chased after him yelling homophobic slurs as he drove off. He managed to get away and is very shaken by the experience… and bruised.

If you encounter and/or had any experiences with these youths… or encountered any other hate-related crime in the area… please immediately contact the Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer (GLLO) in your area…

Gosford Police – Det. Snr. Constable Jodi Ardill – 4379 7399

Wyong Police – Det. Sargeant Graham Thomas – 4332 2999

Contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 and report any incident – this can be done anonymously.

You can also REPORT to the BeatProject if you’re too afraid to approach police – this can also be done anonymously.

Please let us know via email that you have contacted police or CrimeStoppers, and we will follow it up on your behalf.

Please take care,  be aware of your surroundings, and always look out for each other….


We are also monitoring reports of police activity and concerns of misconduct raised against officers from Wyong Police who continue to harass and intimidate men – this is unacceptable and may be considered a hate-related crime, and we are addressing these issues.

We encourage you to monitor police and ranger activity. REPORT any incident you may experience and/or witness DIRECTLY to the beat project.We also encourage you to lodge a formal complaint with the NSW Ombudsman.


DO NOT RUN from Police and Council Rangers…

You have the right to be in a public place at any hour of the day.

ALWAYS ask for the officers’ name, rank, and police station – this will help to identify them when you report the incident.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and Ways to Keep Yourself Safe!
If police approach you, always stay calm, be polite and follow their direction.

Please be aware police monitor social networking websites, and that members of the community and its organisations are posing as beat users to actively discourage men from using beats on these sites.
We suggest caution at all times when using these sites.



October 19 – Budgewoi – Reports received of a Wyong Council Ranger operating on his own and harassing men. The Ranger is approaching men and making inappropriate and intimidating comments…  this may be considered a hate-related crime. We are not aware if he is acting on behalf of Wyong Council.

Remember to remain calm and take note of what he says – you have every right to be a public place at any hour of the day.

Always ask for his name, take note of the vehicle registration, and exercise caution when dealing with this man – Report immediately.


June 24, 2009 – We continue to receive disturbing reports of harassment and intimidation by police officers from Wyong Police.

We will address concerns of serious police misconduct in the Central Coast area when we meet with Supt. Donna Adney, GLBT Spokesperson for NSW Police.

Please continue to monitor police activity and misconduct, and REPORT DIRECTLY TO THE BEAT PROJECT.

To ensure your safety, you can report anonymously.

Points to remember:

  • Record the time and date of any incident
  • Make sure you ask for the officers nameIt is correct Police Policy and Procedure for officers to clearly identify themselves if they approach you and issue a move-on notice. You need to comply with their direction.If they do not tell you, then this is a serious breach of police policy and MUST be reported immediately. If this is the case, we suggest you record any details about the officer and/or identifying features on the vehicle – such as registration number.


May 16, 2009

We have received numerous reports of police activity in the area.

  • Police activity on a regular basis using both marked and unmarked vehicles
  • Police officers will regularly check identification and record vehicle number plates
  • Police officers talking to men in an intimidating manner, and issuing verbal move-on notices
  • It has been reported that police officers have driven into the car park of a ‘known’ beat and performed a ‘random breath test’ during the day, requested identification and recorded vehicle number plates, and issued verbal move-on notices
  • On several occasions, Council Rangers have been observed driving through to flush men out, then police vehicles will go through to catch and harass men

We are concerned by these reports and have requested a meeting with Supt. Donna Adney, GLBT Spokersperson for NSW Police, to discuss this further.

We have also requested she discuss these concerns with the Commander at Tuggerah Lakes LAC, and implement beat training to improve understanding about beats and address homophobia and hate-crime in the area.

We are also keen to see beat training for GLLOs and police officers implemented across NSW – especially in rural and regional areas where gay men and beat users are particularly vulnerable, and have requested that this be undertaken.

We will keep you informed, and in the meantime, please continue to report police activity either through the ONLINE REPORT or the comments section to your right.