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Decriminalise Public Sex

The Beat Project will work towards seeking legislative change that will decriminalise public sex in NSW, based on Amsterdam‘s unprecedented and landmark decision to allow sex in public places after dark ‘…for couples of any sexual combination’.

These moves to decriminalise public sex were undertaken to protect men who frequent cruising areas from violence, and creates a culture where men are encouraged to report violence and hate-crime to police – instead of living with the shame and stigma.

We have also been monitoring moves from the UK and USA to decriminalise public sex, and have included several Media Reports. We applaud their decision and welcome their guidance.

Download the UK report ‘ACPO Guidance on Policing Public Sex Environments’

We invite the Straight and GLBTI communities to join us in addressing this issue. Whether or not you agree that public sex should be decriminalised, we want to hear your comments, feedback and any other suggestions – sydneybeatproject@gmail.com

We will also be creating an an Online Forum in the near future.