Mount Gibralter, Bowral – “Gib”


2 January, 2015

Reports indicate police are intimidating men in the area, and undertaking questionable searches of vehicles.

Police have been seen driving by the area.

Officers are making men get out of their cars then question them unfairly - for simply sitting in their cars in broad daylight.

A man had his vehicle searched after police had parked their vehicle to block his exit.


Go figure, Bowral Police just tasered a man to death while in custody… January 12

please REPORT and/or send us an EMAIL if you have any interactions with Bowral Police.


Closely monitor police activity in the area… if you encounter police, we recommend that you…

  • remain calm and DO NOT run
  • say ‘hello’ and be polite – ask them what they are doing in the area


If you’re approached and have a negative experience with officers…

  • note the date/time
  • note the officer/s full name and rank — officers must identify themselves on approach, and their identification must be clearly displayed at all time… you’re allowed to ask if they don’t tell you – they MUST tell you
  • note anything officers do and say to you
    • you can ask why you’ve been approached
    • you can ask why your vehicle is being searched

If you’ve been approached and/or have any further information - REPORT and/or send us an EMAIL.


If you contact police, please let us know their response.

  • date / time you contacted police
  • who you spoke with — name, rank and station of officer/s
  • what officer/s did and said to you
  • what police said they would do / whether they’ve followed it up with you


Always assist others in danger, please look out for each other. 

Immediately contact police 000 if you encounter any danger.  




June 18, 2013

Reports that police are intimidating people in the area

  • driving recklessly and speeding – mornings and around 3.00PM
  • driving at night with lights turned off
  • siren activated for no reason
  • rude and offensive behaviour



We’ve received reports that police activity in the area has intensified over the past few weeks, and have been approaching and questioning men.

Be aware that uniformed and plain-clothed homophobic officers are also hiding in the bushes.

It’s also been reported these officers are refusing to identify themselves or take off their sunglasses… if you’re able to identify these homophobes, please pass on any information immediately.

Tuesday March 29 — uniformed homophobic officer hiding in the bushes

Friday February 25 — approx 4.30pm — plain-clothed officers ‘raided’ the area.