Weir Reserve, Penrith


January 27, 2104

Numerous reports of police activity and harassment in the area… officers searching vehicles, police in unmarked vehicles, harassment.

Officers CANNOT search your vehicle without a reasonable excuse — this is intimidation, it’s important to identify homopbobic officers…


Please REPORT if you’ve been approached, had your vehicle searched and/or encountered any trouble in the area.


If you been approached by police –

  • note the date/time
  • note anything officers do and say to you, and pay attention to their attitude and tone of voice
  • ask for the officers name, rank and station – which they MUST tell you when requested… and note whether officers were wearing clearly visible identification and/or provided their name on approach
  • marked/unmarked vehicles — make note of the vehicle registration and/or car details
  • were the officers plain-clothed or uniformed… what were they doing in the area, officers CANNOT entrap men.
  • you also have every right to take photos/video of officers

Remember, you can Make a Complaint.





January 27, 2104

A man has reported being approached by a homophobic officer while sitting in his vehicle.

The officer questioned the man and indicated police are ‘targetting men in the park, paedophiles and any guys sitting in their cars on their own’.

Officers cannot make inappropriate and/or homophobic comments… it’s troubling the officer has labelled homosexuals as paedophiles – a moral judgement.



March 29, 2011

We’ve receive several troubling reports that police are patrolling the area with dogs – sometimes two police dogs.

Wednesday February 14 – 9pm – police at night letting dogs off their leads to go through the bushes, police officers with torches following dogs through bushes.

In another incident, a man reported that an individual uniformed officer with a dog on the lead approached and harassed him. The officer shone a torch into his eyes while the dog was barking and growling at him a foot away. He was almost bitten by the dog. The homophobic officer requested his identification, and made inappropriate and homophobic comments.

We understand this has been happening on a regular basis, for a period of time.

Report and Email immediately if you have had an encounter with police and dogs in the area.