Maitland Park


17 October 2014, approx. 9.30pm

It’s been reported that 2 males identifying themselves as Detectives from Maitland Police – in an unmarked Silver Pajero 4WD, were approaching men and asking what they were doing in the area.

The Detective indicated that ‘it’s not a nice place as homosexuals hang out here’.

This is unacceptable behaviour for officers who appear to be targeting homosexuals – and potentially ‘outing’ men, and the offensive comments vilify homosexuals and the GLBTI community. This is not professional conduct. 

Please REPORT if you’ve been approached by homophobic officers and/or any police activity in the area – remember to ask for their name, rank and station and/or note the vehicle registration. Also report any vigilante behaviour and hate-related violence.




We’d like to hear about your experiences… please contact us if you’ve—

  • ever had a negative experience with officer/s
  • ever had a positive experience with officer/s
  • ever encountered homophobic violence, been bashed/mugged, verbal abuse, etc.
  • reported homophobic violence to police and not received a professional response
  • reported harassment by an officer and/or made a complaint about an officer and not received a professional response
  • reported police harassment and/or homophobic violence to acon avp

You will remain anonymous, any personal details will be removed.


 “The NSW Police Force Code of Conduct and Ethics and Sexuality and Gender Diversity Policy, reinforce the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act, by emphasising that no form of discrimination or harassment will be tolerated and any breach might result in removal from NSW Police Force… ALL forms of harassment, discrimination, bullying, victimisation and vilification are unacceptable behaviours.”

Policy on Sexuality and Gender Diversity, 2011-14

Officers must behave in a professional manner at all times
— officers cannot make any inappropriate and/or homophobic comments (complain about an officer)

NSW Police Statement of Values
NSW Police Code of Conduct and Ethics
NSW Police Standards of Professional Conduct Booklet




25 May 2014 — police patrols reported… remember to closely monitor and report any homophobic activity.

15 May 2014  — police patrols have commenced…

13 May 2014 — Ok guys, Gird Your Loins…

It’s been reported that Maitland Police and Council intend to implement plans to eradicate “unruly” behaviour in all the local public areas… they are also monitoring hook up sites and keen to “catch these bastards with their pants down, day and night”.

We expect increased patrols by homophobic officers and rangers, and heightened security presence to target men at all parks in the Maitland area – based on previous experience, they may even throw in a few bashers and turn a blind eye to homophobic violence… please closely monitor their behaviour and report any incidents.

Also be careful when arranging to meet guys and/or responding to posts on the internet — it may be police attempting to lure you and/or waiting to entrap you… be sure to post police activity and report your experience on these sites, and always alert others of any danger.


It’s fairly clear you’re not likely to have a positive experience with local police… this undermines efforts by good officers trying to ensure our safety, and does little to build trust and encourage men to report homophobic violence. This is unfortunate.

GLBTI Spokesperson, Supt. Tony Crandell

GLBTI Spokesperson, Supt. Tony Crandell

GLBT Spokesperson, Supt. Tony Crandell… if you are truly committed to ensuring the safety and well being of the GLBTI community, then please address homophobic attitudes within your ranks in NSW Police — please remove homophobic officers, particularly in regional areas… no more empty words and broken promises, you’re losing our trust.

Don't Cop Homophobia -- even by police officers.

Don’t Cop Homophobia — even by police officers.









Immediately REPORT any incidents with homophobic officers and/or rangers.

You can also email any details, fines, photos, video, etc… and don’t forget send your photo messages for NSW Police via the ThisIsFkt campaign.

Poll: Do You Trust police
Poll: Do You Think Police Are Homophobic
Poll: Should NSW Police be allowed to participate in the Mardi Gras Parade

HOMOPHOBIC OFFICER REGISTER — please provide the officers name, rank, station and/or police vehicle details… and any relevant details of your encounter with homophobic officers, including date, time, location, what the officer did and said to, and any other relevant information.


Please remember…

  • plain-clothes officers CANNOT engage in entrapment (ask for identification and contact us immediately – make a complaint)
  • officers cannot look under or over cubicle doors and walls, or through cracks into the cubicle to ‘catch you in the act’ (please contact us immediately and make a complaint)
  • Never ever run away from police, they will chase you and possibly put your safety at risk.
  • always be aware of your surroundings and safety when out and about.
  • always stay close to one anotherDO NOT scatter if you see police

Always assist others in danger, please look out for each other. 

  • if you’re approached by police — REMAIN CALM and CONFIDENT

politely ask the officer why you’ve been approached, and note anything officers do and say to you

officers will seek any reason to intimidate and/or threaten you — do not bite

officers may attempt to make you nervous or agitated, then imply you’re hiding something  – do not bite

contact 000 if you encounter any trouble from homophobic police officers/rangers  - state clearly what is happening and identify officers

  • always ask for the officers name, rank and station – they must tell you on approach and/or when requested

if officers refuse, record the police vehicle details and note the time

officers are required to display their identification badges at all times (contact us if they don’t, they’re likely to be looking for trouble)

if officers fail to identify themselves and/or act inappropriately toward you – calmly and politely ask for the officers details, and state clearly you will be making a complaint — you’re allowed to calmly walk away, you’re not ‘resisting arrest’ or ‘failing to follow a direction’ if you do so

  • officers must behave in a professional manner at all times — they cannot make any inappropriate and/or homophobic comments (make a complaint)

NSW Police Statement of Values

NSW Police Code of Conduct and Ethics

NSW Police Standards of Professional Conduct Booklet

  • you have every right to be in a public place (this includes sitting in your vehicle in a public park) – officers cannot assume what you’re doing in the area, though they can ask you to ‘move on’ – please follow any reasonable direction given
  • officers cannot say that ‘you’ve been seen in the area before’ and/or search your vehicle (please contact us and make a complaint)
  • you’re allowed to photograph/video police, they cannot tell you otherwise
  • remember to be discrete at all times and consider other users of local parks.
  • we cannot rely on acon hunter/avp to keep us safe, they simply cannot be trusted – they work closely with police via the Beats Interagency (established to shut down beats) that also funds thisisoz… they have ignored police harassment and beat-related violence in the past to ensure funding and job opportunities. Please let us know if you report to this agency.



12 May 2014

The Maitland Mercury posts photos and several more locations –

We encourage you to immediately REPORT any vigilante behaviour and hate-related violence by residents and/or intimidation and harassment by police.

Please be careful.



The Maitland Mercury has named several locations:

Public toilets in Bolwarra, Stockade Hill and Raymond Terrace have been identified as hot spots for public sex acts.

Police have encouraged anyone who witnesses lewd behaviour in public to call Maitland police ­station on 4934 0200.

By helping residents and police identify these ‘known’ locations, we can work together. 


It’s obvious that the Maitland Mercury is encouraging residents to engage in vigilante behaviour hate-related violence at these locations.

It’s alarming that Maitland Police may be further encouraging vigilante residents and bashers. There is considerable concern they may turn a blind eye to any violence and treat victims with disrespect, and that hate-related violence will go unreported.


8 May 2014 

Sadly, it appears the Maitland Mercury  is deliberately stirring up trouble for gay men and beat users in the Hunter area.

A series of articles put Maitland Park in the spotlight as residents report ‘lewd-sex-in-maitland-park-toilets‘… we will closely monitor these article and Facebook page for any vilification and homophobic content/comments.


This raises considerable concern that local residents may again encourage and/or engage in vigilante behaviour and hate-related violence in Maitland and across the Hunter. Please be careful, we expect trouble.

Should you encounter any problems — remember to note anything vigilante residents and bashers do and say to you, and record any details that may identify them. REPORT immediately.


We sincerely hope Maitland Police will request that the Maitland Mercury remove these articles immediately, and discourage any vigilante behaviour and hate-related violence… and that they will encourage victims to report any violence, and assist them in a professional and courteous manner.

Please call Maitland police on 4934 0200 if you encounter any trouble.



Toilets are known haunts for public sex acts, says reader


May 8, 2014, 9:30 p.m.

Public toilets in Bolwarra, Stockade Hill and Raymond Terrace have been identified as hot spots for public sex acts.

Police have encouraged anyone who witnesses lewd behaviour in public to call Maitland police ­station on 4934 0200.

Rebecca Whitely posted a ­message on the Mercury’s Facebook page that said public amenities at Bolwarra and Raymond Terrace were known haunts for public sexual activity.

“I have a couple of family members building in Bolwarra and they’d rather drive home to Maitland to go to the loo while they are working rather than risk seeing that filth,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, Lynnise Vale wrote: “[While] I’m not surprised that this type of thing is happening, I find utterly disturbing.”

The Summary Offences Act 1988 deals with the legality of ­sexual acts in public in NSW, but is often open to the discretion of police and courts to adjudicate.

The Mercury received a flurry of tip-offs from the community after a woman warned parents yesterday against letting children enter the Maitland Park toilet block alone.

Read the Mercury’s earlier reports here.

Jannell Storr said her friend entered the male toilet block and saw two men engaged in an explicit sexual act at 10am on Monday, while children were only metres away in the playground.

Ms Storr was concerned that children could be unsuspectingly exposed to something that they should not see.

Police have encouraged anyone who witnesses lewd behaviour in public to call Maitland police ­station on 4934 0200.


‘Lewd’ sex in Maitland Park toilets

A Hunter woman warns parents not to let their children use toilets at Maitland Park alone after her friend walked in on two people engaged in a sexual act in the men’s toilets.

ALARMED: Jannell Storr is concerned unsuspecting children could be scarred for life.

ALARMED: Jannell Storr is concerned unsuspecting children could be scarred for life.

Jannell Storr said her friend entered the toilet block about 10am on Monday and saw two men in a cubicle together engaged in a lewd act.

Ms Storr said she was concerned that children using the nearby ­playground or swimming pool could enter the toilet block and see ­something that was inappropriate.

“Any kid that walks in on that [a public sexual act], it’s going to scar them for life,” she said.

“My kids have grown up, but I have a grandson and I take him [to the playground] all the time.

“It just horrifies me to think that some innocent kid is going to walk into those toilets and see something they shouldn’t.”

Mercury reporter Nick Bielby visited the park to investigate. Read about his personal story, and shock encounter, here.

Council planning, environment and lifestyle executive manager Bernie Mortomore said council would continue to work with police to minimise this type of behaviour at community facilities.

“Once made aware of this particular incident, council made contact with the police and reported it,” he said.

“Council encourages the public to continue to report this type of behaviour to both the police and council.”

To read the Mercury’s opinion, click here.

Central Hunter crime manager Detective Inspector John Zdrilic said there had not been an increase in reports of public sexual activity at the park.

He said people should call police if they saw lewd acts being committed in public.

A Maitland father said he was sickened to find a man partially undressed inside public toilets at the Bolwarra Heights lookout about 12 months ago.

The man, who requested that his name be withheld, took his five-year-old daughter into the male toilets to use the facility when he saw a man standing by the door with his pants down.

“It’s pretty bloody disturbing,” he said.

“As soon as that happened he was out of there and so were we.”

Nearby residents, who frequent the lookout with their children, have also discovered used condoms at the place often referred to as Maitland’s Lovers’ Lane.

Click here for a first-hand account of what the Mercury reporter saw.

Click here to read what the Mercury has to say.




October 2012

We are concerned that police in the Maitland area may be encouraging local residents to carry out vigilante behaviour and hate-related crime against gay men and beat users.

If you encounter any police homophobia and/or vigilante behaviour by local residents, please report to the Beat Project immediately. Please take good care and look out for each other.



Peeping Tom

25 Jun, 2010 08:33 AM
An angry father has warned people to beware of perverts in the Maitland Park area after a man spied on him while using the public toilet.The father of two said he and a friend followed the man in the hope they could find his address and report it to police.Though they lost the person, who was driving an older-style red Holden, along one of the back streets, the friends said they nevertheless reported the incident to Maitland police.“I just want people using the toilet facilities at Maitland Park to watch out for this man – and any others like him,” the Maitland father, who asked that his name not be printed, said.“I was suddenly aware of a man’s face peering through a crack in the toilet door,” the victim said.“He ducked away and I followed him as quickly as I could.“Outside the toilet facilities, I saw him climb into an older type, red Holden and drive off.“My friend was sitting in my car, so we decided to follow him,” he said.“He knew we were on his tail as we neared Kurri Kurri, so he shot off down the back streets,” the man said.“We stuck to the speed limit and he was going much faster, so there was no way we were going to catch him.“But I wanted to tell the Mercury so they could alert other people who use the toilets in Maitland Park.“I have two young children myself and that sort of behaviour is just not on.”The man was described as fairly slim, in his 50s with a beard.

Anyone with information should ring Maitland police on 4934 0200.