Lakes Beach


October 18, 2014

A man reported being bashed by 3 homophobes as he stopped at a car park at Lakes Beach to go to the toilet.

Late last night after driving from Maclean, North Coast all day, I stopped at a car park at Lakes Beach. I went to do a wee and was followed by a young man, blonde, about 20 to 24. He said he was going to the toilet too. I laughed. He then said he’d be back and walked away. As I came back near the cars he ran at me and punched me severely in the head, knocking me to the ground.

I noticed two of his mates dressed in black with dark hair, coming up too. He said “I’ll kill you, you pedophile.’ He kept hitting me, and as he pulled at my sweater, dragged me along the asphalt, all the time yelling that he would kill me. Luckily my sweater came off and I ran out of the car park and onto the main road, being chased by the blonde guy. He said he would chase me until he killed me. After 100 metres or so he gave up and I hid in the scrub. About 45 mins later I went back and got my car.


Police have been notified.

Immediately contact police 000 if you’re in any trouble… Please REPORT if you’ve been approached by homophobic teens and/or have any further information.



August 23, 2013

Report that two uniformed officers – one male, one female, are approaching men in the area…

Please be careful, it’s understood they were not wearing identification and refused to identify themselves when requested – this is against police procedure.

Please REPORT if you’ve been approached by police…

note the date/time

note anything they do and say to you, attitude and tone of voice

were officers wearing identification and/or provided their name, rank and station when requested

vehicle registration and/or car details

you also have every right to take photos/video


If you’re having any problems with police, please contact us a via EMAIL  – we are here to support and assist you.



March 13, 2013 – approx 3pm

Report that two uniformed officers in an unmarked White Holden Colorado Twin Cab 4×4 with a canopy on the back – BQ 21 FS – was seen zooming into the car park.

The vehicle pulled up to the toilet block and an officer leapt out while the motor was still running and ran inside, while the other officer was searching the paths and was later joined by the other officer.

If you’ve had a negative experience with officers, please make a REPORT



November 14, 2012

Two plain-clothed officers in unmarked dark commodore seen near entrance to toilet block.

The officers stood there for a short time… both officers were smoking cigarettes, which they threw on the ground when finished.

This raises concerns that homophobic officers may be engaging in entrapment.

If you’ve been entrapped by plain-clothed officers, remain calm… politely ask for their name, rank and station – which they must tell you, and to see their identification… make a note of anything the officers do and say to you… make a REPORT



entrapment is serious police misconduct

entrapment involves a police officer who pretends to be cruising… when a victim responds to an advance they are arrested or detained.

Entrapment is against NSW Police policy and evidence obtained through entrapment cannot be used in court… if you’ve been charged immediately seek legal advice.


 “Discrimination, harassment, vilification, victimisation or bullying in any form
will not be tolerated. Any established breach of the relevant legislation, policy or
the Code of Conduct and Ethics will constitute misconduct or even serious misconduct
and may lead to dismissal.”


officers are advised:

  • they are not to incite or encourage unlawful conduct or behaviours
  • evidence obtained via entrapment/agent provocateur may be excluded by the courts and so these strategies are not to be employed
  • due to the sensitive nature of policing beats the integrity of officers’ conduct is paramount
  • homophobic language or behaviour is not to be used.


if you encounter these officers, Make a Complaint.



also remember that bashers and vigilante residents often claim to be police officers — it is against the law to impersonate a police officer… we strongly advocate for high-visibility policing (patrols by 2 or more uniformed officers in marked vehicles) to deter police misconduct, entrapment, and vigilante behaviour.

if you’re approached by anyone claiming to be a plain-clothed officer, always ask for their name, rank and station and to see identification… if you believe your safety is at risk, immediately move to safety and contact police – 000