Camperdown Oval


28 October, 2012 – approx. 2am

Man reported being approached by 3 men – aged in their early twenties, who were looking for ‘creeps’ to bash. They questioned the man, asking what he was doing there, and repeatedly asked if was ‘one of those creeps’… they then demanded money, and threatened to search him.

The man was able to get away safely.


Please contact us if you’ve been approached and/or have any information.


September, 2012


Reports indicate an aggressive young male officer is targeting men in the area.

The officer does not wear his identification badge and is known to fabricate charges then demand that men admit to something they haven’t done… officers have also asked men what they do for work, then implied a ‘criminal conviction’ will affect their job – this is intimidation

This is a waste of police resources… and does little to build trust and confidence in police.


  • You have every right to be in a public place at any hour of the day
  • DO NOT RUNofficers will chase you and may put your safety at risk
    • police “assume” you have done something wrong and/or have something to hide if you run from them – even though they’re known to bully and intimidate men
    • if you see police, CALMLY WALK AWAY – DO NOT give officers a convenient excuse to intimidate you
  • Officers may behave in an aggressive manner toward you and/or look for a reason to intimidate you — REMAIN CALM —  note anything officers do and say to you
  • ALWAYS ask for the officers name, rank and station – which they must tell you… if they refuse, assume they’re doing something wrong and/or intimidating you
  • ALWAYS ask why you’ve been approached – which they must tell you… if they refuse, assume they’re doing something wrong and/or intimidating you
  • Officers CANNOT make any inappropriate and/or homophobic comments
  • It is NOT the officers role to be a moral arbiter
    • officers CANNOT pass judgement and/or question your sexuality
    • officers CANNOT threaten to ‘out’ you to family, friends and your place of employmentthis is vilification and against the law
  •  Officers CANNOT tell you that they saw you doing something –  ALWAYS ask the officer to tell you what they allegedly saw you doing
    • officers will often ‘fish’ for information and/or look for any reason to detain and intimidate
    • if officers accuse you of anything –  DO NOT REACT – DO NOT BITE
  • Officers CANNOT demand and/or intimidate you into admitting something that you haven’t done

If you have a negative experience with officers,  you have every right to politely tell the officer you will be making a Complaint and CALMLY WALK AWAY… if officers refuse to allow you to leave and you haven’t been charged, ask for the officers name, rank and station and MAKE A COMPLAINT

Please be careful.


Making A Complaint

You have the Right to make a complaint against a police officer if you believe you have been treated unfairly… remember, police harassment is unacceptable.

The NSW Ombudsman generally encourages people to firstly try to resolve their grievances directly with the agency concerned… this generally requires you to lodge a complaint in writing to the NSW Police – and gives police a chance to address your concerns.

If you’re not satisfied with their response, the NSW Ombudsdman will do their best to help you resolve the matter, which may involve just making a phone call or a formal investigation into the conduct of police.

Making a complaint against police can seem a complex and frustrating process, and many men have indicated they fear retribution from police – please note victimisation is against the law… however, if you don’t make a complaint, then police will continue to act in an inappropriate and aggressive manner.

Please contact us if you need further information or any assistance to lodge your complaint… we can also act on your behalf and will assist you to seek legal advice if needed. Read more

About 12am on Tuesday 27th December a man walking through Camperdown Oval was approached by another man carrying a length of pipe. The man has used the length of pipe to intimidate the other male.

Only a limited description of the man carrying the pipe was able to be obtained. He was described as wearing dark clothing and a hat.

Police are asking for anyone who may have encountered the male with the pipe or has any information that could assist police in identifying the male to contact Newtown Police on 9550 8199 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

You can also REPORT or send us an EMAIL if you wish to remain anonymous.

Police are reminding people to remain vigilant of their personal safety particularly in public spaces at night and to report any criminal behaviour to police immediately.