Rushcutters Bay Park


Plain-Clothes officers engaging in entrapment…


Friday 21 February, 2014 – approx 2.30am

It’s been reported that plain-clothes officers engaged in entrapment to apprehend several men before uniformed officers arrived to question and search the men.

This is unacceptable behaviour by NSW Police – and against police policy… we will raise the issue with Senior Police.


REPORT if you were approached and/or have any further information that will identify the coward officers.

  • note the date / time of incident
  •  name / rank / station of officer – officers must provide this information when requested
  • note what officers did and said to you – and others in the area
  • descriptions / what they were wearing / how many were there
  •  vehicle registration details / any information that can identify them

You have the right to witness/ photograph / video any incident involving police…

– to identify homophobic officers
– you can make a COMPLAINT about inappropraie police behaviour – even if you witness it
– if safe, take photos / video with your camera phone — EMAIL