Sydney Park

 Sunday 19 January, 2014 – approx 12.25am

A man was assaulted by four coward homophobes.

They were driving a White Chrysler 300c that was seen parked in the middle of the road with its doors open… and associated with a party in the park that night.

Police were notified.

REPORT if you have any further information that will identify the cowards.


March 30, 2013 – approx 10.15pm — officers seen flashing torches at vehicles and recording vehicle registrations.

it is NOT an offence to be in a public area, this is homophobic targeting… 

officers CANNOT note this information in their system

officers CANNOT approach you and tell you they’ve seen you’re vehicle in a public area

officers CANNOT approach you at you home/work because you were seen in a public area


Immediately REPORT any incidents with homophobic officers

remember to ask for the officers name, rank and station – which they must tell you

officers CANNOT hide/cover their name badges — yell for help and move to safety, they’re homophobes… Donna must be proud of her officers.



January 29, 2013 – more reports of harassment by police and rangers… we’ve also heard plain-clothed (undercover) officers are sniffing about — ‘we’re here for their safety… we’ll give them a couple warnings then charge them’… WTF!


we’re astounded by the continuing waste of resources and homophobia within NSW Police, and their pathetic (non-)efforts to stop homophobic violence  - despite providing numerous reports that include dates, times, and vehicle registration details.

guidelines indicate ‘covert’ operations must be authorised by senior police, so it’s troubling they will ‘authorise’ numerous plain-clothed officers to bully and harass men – even engage in entrapment, yet will do nothing to stop a gang of homophobic teenagers bashing men with metal poles at Croudace Bay Park.

oh, that’s right… one of the teenage bashers is related to a senior police officer in Newcastle — and everyone – including the Police Minister and Commissioner – and acon, are covering it up.

it’s disgusting that Donna Adney has justified police inaction by blaming victims for not coming forward, and refuses to acknowledge it’s a result of continuing harassment and fear of police – so much for building trust and confidence.

even the GLLO Program is an absolute joke with reports of non-responsive and homophobic officers, and poor policy direction – which undermines efforts by good officers trying to do the right thing. and yet Donna Adney is excited about marching in the Mardi Gras Parade while continuing to lie to the community… it’s unfortunate she’s too busy playing politics and covering for corrupt/homophobic officers, and obviously cannot be trusted to ensure the safety of the GLBTIQ community – wherever we may be. it’s time for a re-think.



January, 2013 – City of Sydney Rangers and Police continue to harass men in the park… yawn… so much for building trust and encouraging men to report homophobic violence… blah, blah, blah…

you have every right to be in a public place,

don’t let these homophobic bullies intimidate you.

They’re going to continue to bully men, so please be careful…

  • DO NOT RUN – they will chase you and may put your safety at risk…
  • remember to ask for the officers name, rank and station… officers must tell you their name and why you’ve been approached before they can question you – which they don’t, so you have to request this information… also check whether they’re wearing an identification badge, which must be clearly visible on the outside of their uniform… if officers fail to identify themselves, you’re most likely being intimidated – make a COMPLAINT.
  • if approached, remain calm and always be polite – even if they’re not polite toward you…
  • don’t forget to note anything they do and say to you… be aware that officers may attempt to escalate the situation, DO NOT BITE
  • officers cannot accuse you of anything and/or make inappropriate and homophobic comments – this is against the law…
  • officers CANNOT enter your personal details in the COPS system simply because you’re in the area…
  • if you believe you were treated unfairly, you have the right to politely ask the officer for their name and tell them you will be making a COMPLAINT – calmly walk away… even though the complaints process is seriously flawed, we encourage you to pursue these matters… always seek legal advice if charged/fined, you’re likely to find that officers acted inappropriately and ‘overlooked’ their Standards of Professional Conduct.
  • you’re allowed to take photos
  • REPORT any incidents with homophobic officers

Oh… if possible, keep away from your vehicles following a patrol… we’ve found there’s usually another police vehicle waiting for you to leave the area… they will hit their siren and pull you over, then question and search your vehicle for no apparent reason other than to find something – or make it up – to bully and intimidate you… don’t play their game… even the local residents are scratching their heads…


December 29, 2012 – 10.10pm

Clover’s Rangers bully men

City of Sydney Rangers driving recklessly along pathways in excess of the 10km/hr limit… rangers drove directly to the Groves and were observed shining lights and bullying people, and were seen driving on the grassed areas before leaving. be careful if approached by these bullies…


NSW police target anti-social behaviour

December 8, 2012 – 8:55AM

Police have arrested more than 270 people across NSW on the first night of an operation targeting alcohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour. On Friday night and early on Saturday, more than 1300 extra officers were deployed to licensed premises, transport hubs, roads, waterways and other hot spots as part of Operation Unite, a nationwide initiative. A total of 273 people were arrested and charged with 480 offences, including assault, resisting arrest, affray, assaulting police and drug supply. Police also issued 517 move-on directions, including 178 for intoxication and disorderly conduct. Officers conducted almost 18,000 random breath tests across the state, resulting in 81 drink-driving charges. AAP View Article if you were approached and believe officers treated you unfairly – this includes being bullied, charged, told to move-on, etc… we want to hear from you… REPORT any incidents with homophobic officers


December 8, 2012 – approx. 2.25am – marked police driving around park, followed up the rear by council rangers – thanks Clover.


December 1, 2012 – approx. 12.25am marked police vehicle ‘screams’ into car park… officers walk through groves with torches, followed by City of Sydney Rangers bullying men in the park. it was reported officers may have been wearing camera/audio equipment… there is no guarantee any use of video camera equipment will improve police integrity and professionalism, and the use of this material raises concerns about your privacy and potential police misconduct. be careful if approached by officers, they may provoke you… Remember, always ask for the officers name, rank and station – which they must tell you, and note anything officers do and say to you…  REPORT any incidents with homophobic officers

November 16, 2012 – 2.35am — police van entered via SW corner of park shining lights into bushes … the bullies pursued several men who’d scattered, also driving on the grassed area… they then drove around the park.

Sydney Park — Feb 6, 2012 – approx 8.30pm — a young man entered the park and started yelling threats and homophobic abuse, and was behaving in a threatening manner toward men in the park. He is described as being approx. 25yo, with blonde hair… and was wearing dark clothing and riding a skateboard around the the park at the time. Police were notified and attended the scene shortly after… we thank the officers for their assistance. If you encounter this youth and/or any danger in the park, move to safety and contact police immediately — 000

Sydney Park — 29 December, 2011 – 9.30pm — three males of Mediterranean appearance were seen walking through the groves from the bridge toward Campbell Rd… they seemed intimidating and ‘out-of-place’ and some guys scattered… they then snuck-up and started running towards guys standing at the end of the groves, and bashed one man who was concussed to the head and bleeding.

the bashers returned later and started yelling “pussy boy” at the guys there. Police have indicated they may patrol the park — remain calm and DO NOT RUN — they’re obviously concerned for our safety and keen to catch the bashers if you encounter bashers and/or have any further information, please report to the GLLO Officer at Newtown Police or Crime Stoppers – 1800 333 000 you can also REPORT or EMAIL if you have any further information and/or encounter bashers… and please let us know if you contacted police and how officers responded


if you encounter bashers or see anything suspicious, move to safety and immediately contact police 000

remain calm – tell the operator where you are and what is happening, and any information that may identify the bashers… you can request to remain anonymous… police are there to assist you, and officers should always respond in a professional and courteous manner you can also contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 after an incident and provide information about what happened – you can remain anonymous please be careful — if you encounter bashers, do not approach or scatter – there’s safety in numbers, so stay close to others and move to safety… notify others of any danger in the area if you see someone in trouble, please help them — make lots of noise and contact police immediately… taking a photo may also assist to identify the bashers please take good care and always look out for each other

Friday June 17 — 1am — police vehicle observed driving through park… Redfern Police

DO NOT RUN — always remain calm — keep together — walk to safety — even though you may be fearful of police, don’t give them an excuse to chase and intimidate you… don’t buy it if approached, always be polite and courteous — be aware that officers may attempt to intimidate you with an inappropriate and/or homophobic comment — don’t bite — be confident and assertive — do not panic if officers are confrontational — remain calm — ask for their full name, rank and station – which they MUST tell you — note what they do and say to you — politely inform the officer you will be making a complaint and calmly walk away… REPORT immediately