Brays Bay Reserve, Rhodes

January 2014

Reports of increased police patrols… both uniformed and plain-clothed officers.

If you’re approached by plain-clothed officers in unmarked vehicle and believe you’ve been entrapped and/or treated unfairly — REMAIN CALM

politely ask the officer for their name, rank and station – which they MUST tell you, and make a note of what the officer/s do and say to you… you have every right to safely walk away

Tell the officer you will be making a COMPLAINT if they continue to harass you.

REPORT homophobic police officers


December 2012 – reports that groups of plain-clothed officers are entrapping men in the park.

officers are known to approach and encourage men to make an advance – touching their crotch and buttock area… they have also fined men.

this is not police procedure and policy when policing beats… REPORT police misconduct

Jan 7, 2012 — report that three plain-clothed officers in a maroon commodore were observed harassing men in the area

remember, if you believe that officers treated you unfairly and/or made any inappropriate and homophobic comments… ask for the officers name, rank and station – which they must tell you – and politely advise the officer you will be making a complaint… calmly walk away

if officers refuse to provide their names when requested and/or continue to harass you — remain calm and simply note the vehicle registration and REPORT immediately

We continue to receive reports that police are harassing men in the area… also beware of the local resident who’s taking photos/video with an infrared camera then reporting to police.

June 14 — 2am — police observed harassing men

May 12 — 2am — police in unmarked vehicles observed harassing men

April 12 — report that a police vehicle approached men sitting in the area. officers shone bright lights directly at them and refused to turn lights away when requested, they instead made inappropriate and homophobic comments. the officers refused to provide their name and rank when requested.

you have the right to request that officers not shine lights in your eyes, usually used by officers to intimidate and avoid being identified
you have the right to request an officers name, rank and station – they must supply this information

if you’re approached and have a negative experience with officers…


  • note the date/time


  • note the officer/s full name and rank — officers must identify themselves on approach, and their identification must be clearly displayed at all time… you’re also allowed to ask if they don’t tell you


  • note anything officers do and say to you


REPORT any recent experiences with police immediately.

In February… a man reported that officers were approaching from Concord Rd with their headlights turned off and sneaking up from behind the mound… then turning on the high-beam lights and siren as they drive into the area.

Officers are also blocking the entrance and rounding up men… then harassing men and requesting identification, before asking them to leave.

Officers have also been entering the park and chasing men around the area with torches.