Deepwater Park, Milperra




Please be careful out there…

– Be aware of your surroundings
– Always look out for each other
– Alert others to any danger and stay close together – DO NOT SCATTER
– Move to safety and immediately contact 000 in case of emergency

Please also let us know if you notified police and their response… again, make note of anything they do and say to you.

REPORT any incidents with police and/or homophobic bashers…

– note the date / time of incident
– name / rank / station of officer – officers must provide this information when requested
– note what officers/bashers did and said to you – and others
– descriptions / what they were wearing / how many there were
– vehicle registration details / any information that can identify them

You have the right to witness/ photograph / video any incident involving police…

– to identify homophobic officers
– you can make a COMPLAINT about inappropraie police behaviour – even if you witness it
– if safe, take photos / video with your camera phone — EMAIL

If you have any information, please REPORT

Should you encounter homophobes, immediately contact police — 000


Friday 18 October, 2013 – 7.30pm

It’s been reported a man was seen holding a big stick and beckoning men over to go with him.

A while later, loud screams were heard — “YOU FUCKING IN TH BUSHES!? YOU GONNA GET KILLED TONIGHT”.


Monday 14 October, 2013 — 9.15pm

Keep an eye out for a White Corolla Hatchback with Green P-Plates.


At 9:15pm, a white corolla hatchback with green P plates entered the park and parked next to another car – despite many free spots.

3 young homophobes wearing jumpers, hoods and track pants – they appeared to be of middle eastern or Mediterranean appearance, were behaving in a loud and boisterous manner. They shone their torches around the park.

At approx. 9:30pm, they returned to the car park and appeared to be looking in the car parked next to them. They shone the headlights into the park and spotted several men in the area — the 3 young men began SPRINTING towards them with their flash lights.

One man ran back to his vehicle to escape the homophobes and was chased by the homophobes – who yelled abuse at him and threw a rock HARD at the window. The man sped out of the park, follwed by others in the park.


Saturday 8th June 10~11pm

Keep an eye out for a silver BMW 7 series.

The vehicle was involved in an incident where several men were harassed and intimidated – occupants of the vehicle were seen walking around the car park and checking vehicles, driving recklessly, and putting men’s safety at risk.

It is thought to be police, yet may be homophobes looking for trouble.

If you’re approached or encounter any suspicious activity, immediately move to safety and/or leave the area – call police 000

REPORT any information including date/time, registration details, descriptions, etc.


December 21, 2012 – reports that groups of plain-clothed officers are entrapping men in the park.

officers are known to approach and encourage men to make an advance – touching their crotch and buttock area… they have also fined men.

this is not police procedure and policy when policing beats… REPORT police misconduct

if you’re approached and believe you’ve been entrapped and treated unfairly and/or fined, REMAIN CALM and politely ask the officer for their name, rank and station – tell the officer you will be making a COMPLAINT… make a note of what the officer/s do and say to you… safely walk away

March 9, 2012 – report of homophobic police officers harassing men in the park.

the homophobic Sergeant (BK 300) wasn’t wearing any identification and was aggressive toward men. please be careful of homophobic officers

police officers must be professional and courteous at all times =-= they CANNOT ask inappropriate questions such as where you work and/or call you liars… officers CANNOT shine their torches on you while laughing at you — this is intimidation

always ask for the officer/s name, rank and station – if they refuse, note the vehicle details and make a complaint == get rid of homophobic officers

February 16, 2012 — approx. 9pm — report that four bashers in a burgundy 1992-95 Mitsubishi Magna with Red P-Plates and dodgy body work on the rear 1/4 panel, entered the carpark and flashed the high beam toward men sitting in the area. They were carrying torches and cricket bats – one had curly hair.

A man was able to get to his vehicle and as he drove out of the carpark, the bashers returned to their car and chased him up Henry Lawson Dr… the Magna then turned back toward the park.

If you have any information about this incident, please anonymously report to CrimeStoppers – 1800 333 000

If you encounter these bashers and/or experience any hate-related violence in the park, move to safety and contact Police immediately – 000

you can also REPORT any incidents

Make sure you note the vehicle registration and any details that can assist police to identify the bashers

Always stay close to others – DO NOT SCATTER – there’s greater safety in numbers

Take care and always look out for each other


November 19, 2011 — approx. midnight — reports that homophobic officers continue to target men.

It’s been reported that three officers in a 4WD were observed driving recklessly and shining the high-beam at men… officers were also observed hanging out of the vehicle windows while shining torches and yelling inappropriate/homophobic comments – officer details and vehicle registration recorded.

You have every right to be in a public place at any hour of the day — officers CANNOT harass and intimidate you simply for being in the area, and they CANNOT make inappropriate/homophobic comments — this is vilification and a prejudice motivated (hate-related) crime.

Be aware that officers may look for other reasons to harass and/or charge you – remain calm… they may perform a background check, and may breath test you and/or search your vehicle… if possible, avoid going to your vehicle and stay close to others in the area to keep safe.

If approached, remain calm and be polite… you have the right to calmly walk away if you believe you are being harassed and you have not been charge — ask for the officers name, rank and station and politely advise them you will be making a complaint – and walk away… officers cannot detain you unnecessarily or use unnecessary force.

Remember, officers must clearly display their identification badge — if not, always ask for the officers name, rank and station – which they must tell you (record vehicle registration if they refuse)… you’re also allowed to ask why you’ve been approached… make a complaint.


September 3 — reports of police activity

June 16 — reports of police activity and officers recording vehicle registration details.

If you’re approached as a result of having your details recorded, please REPORT or send us an EMAIL.

We continue to receive reports of police activity in the area… and concerned that plain-clothed officers in unmarked vehicles are targeting men and writing down vehicle registration details.

We’re especially keen to hear from men who’ve been charged/fined for being in the area.

We’ve also been informed that plain-clothed officers are splitting up — owing to sensitivities around policing beats, officers must at all times patrol in pairs… they simply cannot split up.

being plain-clothed officers, this also raises concerns about the potential for entrapment and ‘agent provocateur’… please post any experiences with plain-clothed officers.