Greystanes – Merrylands Police


November 2012

Reports indicate that officers attached to Merrylands Police have been bullying men in the area over the past few weeks.

Officers are known to arrive in marked vehicles and drive up and down the road… they’ve randomly searched peoples cars, asked for drivers licenses and personal details, and asked men why they are there.

 24 November– officers blocked the road and questioned men as they left the area… they were seen searching vehicles without apparent reason – this is intimidation.

You have every right to be in a public area


Officers are advised they cannot make any inappropriate/homophobic comments or accuse you of anything.

if you believe you’ve been harassed by officersremain calm — ask for their name, rank and station and politely advise them you will be making a complaint… you’re allowed to calmly walk away

Always seek legal advice if you’ve been charged and/or fined as a result of officers engaging in inappropriate conduct.




If you’re approached and/or have a negative experience with officers…

  • note the date/time
  • note the officer/s name, rank and station — officers must identify themselves on approach and their identification badge must be clearly displayed at all times… you’re allowed to ask for these details if they don’t tell you — which they must provide when requested
  • if the officer is plain-clothed, always request their name, rank and station and to see their identification
  • note anything officers do and say to you
  • you’re allowed to ask why you’ve been approached


Write down what happened immediately after the incident… it’s important to include as much detail as possible, which will assist you to lodge a complaint against the officer/s:

  • Were the officers plain clothed or uniformed?
  • How many officers were there… were they on foot or in vehicles?
  • Did they identify themselves on approach and give you their full name and which station they were from?
  • What did the police do and say to you?
  • Did police do or say anything that was inappropriate or homophobic?
  • Did you feel their actions were appropriate?
  • Did you feel threatened by their actions?
  • Did you report the incident and who to… what was the outcome?
  • Were you ‘arrested’ or charged? (please forward any paperwork)

Your reports and comments will be treated with strict confidentiality, and will be de-identified and de-personalised.

If you are able, we also recommend you lodge your own complaint with NSW Police and NSW Ombudsman — please let us know so we can assist you – REPORT