Puckeys Estate — Illawarra

Friday October 12 — local resident reported hearing what sounded like people hitting something (or someone) with a weapon, and then a voice yell out, “You’re a faggot mate”… please be careful


if you encounter bashers or see anything suspicious, immediately contact police 000

  • DO NOT scatter… stay close to others and move to safety, there’s safety in numbers…
  • notify others of any danger in the area…
  • always assist others in trouble – make lots of noise to attract attention, tell bashers you’ve notified police…
  • DO NOT not approach unless it’s safe to do so…
  • taking a photo may also assist to identify the bashers
contacting police 000
  • remain calm – tell the operator where you are and what is happening, and any information that may assist to identify the bashers…
  • you can request to remain anonymous… you don’t have to provide your personal details…

you can also contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 after an incident and provide information about what happened – you can remain anonymous

police are there to assist you… officers should always respond to homophobic violence in a professional and courteous manner – regardless of what you’re doing in the area… please let us know if you contacted police and how officers responded


REPORT or EMAIL if you encounter bashers


please take good care and always look out for each other



Monday, October 01, 2012

Man bashed near Puckeys Estate


Wollongong police are searching for 3 offenders, accused of bashing a man near Puckeys Estate.

At around 3:15 yesterday morning, a 58 year old man was approached by the trio who began assaulting him with a pole.

The man suffered a cracked skull and remains in Wollongong Hospital this morning.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000… you can also anonymously REPORT any information.



12 December, 2011 — it’s been reported that 3-4+ bashers are active in the area… they’ve usually been drinking, and are known to hide in the carpark and bushes — they may have already bashed 4 or 5 guys — police have been notified