Silverwater Park


July – uniformed and plain-clothed officers intimidating men… they’ve been seen searching the park and cars, and ‘laying in wait’ for people to return to their cars… also be aware of unmarked police vehicles and plain-clothed officers pulling people over.

if only police were this responsive to homophobic violence…


April – reports indicate plain-clothed officers are patrolling the park before alerting uniformed police… this ‘entrapment-like behaviour’ is unacceptable.

if you’ve been approached by plain-clothed officers, always ask for their name/rank/station and to see identification.

if you believe you’ve been treated inappropriately by officers – REPORT the incident and consider making a complaint.


February 12 – Report received that officers are targeting men in the area and making inappropriate/homophobic comments.

Please be careful and REPORT any incidents immediately


27 July, 2011 – reports that uniformed officers are targeting men in the park… they are known to drive an unmarked vehicle.

If approached, always ask for the officers name, rank and station… and make note of anything they do and say to you.

If you’ve been approached by police, please report immediately and consider making a complaint against police officers.