Lake Macquarie Council


Lake Macquarie Council and NSW Police continue to encourage homophobia


Lake Macquarie Council and NSW Police have installed signs that encourages homophobia and vigilante activity… this is not acceptable.

Considering efforts to address hate-related violence and damage to property by homophobic teenagers, this does little to build trust and encourage men to report hate-related crimes against them… we are alarmed that Chief Supt. Donna Adney has allowed further signage that encourages homophobia from her officers, council and the public.

We have raised the issue with Ch. Supt. Adney and requested the signs be removed.
If you experience and/or witness any homophobic violence or vigilante activity by local residents, council workers and/or police officers… it’s important that you immediately REPORT the incident.

please keep safe and always look out for each other – alert others to any danger in the area