Tuckwell Park

April 4, 2102

Report that officers approached and intimidated a man… officers noted his personal details, accused him of saying things he hadn’t, and were deceitful and aggressive toward him.

If you been approached, please REPORT or send us an EMAIL


March, 2011

We’ve receive several reports that officers are harassing and intimidating men in the area… and that plain-clothed officers are recording vehicle registrations.

If approached, remember to remain calm and be polite… always ask for the officers name, rank and station… make note of what they do and say to you… and report any incident with officers.

report immediately if you’ve been approached as a result of officers recording your registration details — especially if officers mention it when they perform a background check and/or appear at your home.

Take care guys…. please be careful and look out for each other.


March 8 — 3:00 pm — police arrived (one male and one female officer) and were observed heading toward the toilet block… there was also another vehicle with the door open, possibly an plain-clothed officer writing down license plate numbers… please be very careful.