Gosford and Central Coast

April 25, 2012 – man approached by single uniformed officer at Kariong… officers must always patrol in pairs… officers cannot make inappropriate comments and intimidate you simply for being in an area that’s a ‘known beat’

If you’ve been approached and believe you were not treated professionally – remain calm and ask for their name, rank and station which they must tell you… if they refuse, take note of date/time, vehicle details and description of officer… advise the officer you will make a complaint and walk away.

Please be very careful and immediately REPORT or send us an EMAIL if you encounter homophobic officers.


July 26, 2011 – we continue to receive reports that uniformed and plain-clothed officers are harassing men in the Gosford area.

Numerous reports from Point Frederick indicate that a male and female officer from Brisbane Waters (Gosford Police) are targeting men in the area and behaving in a rude and offensive manner – calling men ‘poofters’ and telling them to ‘fuck off’… they also refuse to provide their name, rank and station when requested.

Men have also reported a single female ‘plain-clothed’ officer targeting men in the park… she has been recording vehicle registration details and has approached men at their homes in uniform. REPORT if you’ve been approached by officers at your home.


Be aware these officers will attempt to antagonise you with inappropriate and homophobic comments


calmly request their name, rank and station, advise them you will make a complaint… and walk away

 Remember… you have every right to be in a public place without requiring a reasonable excuse – you cannot be charged simply for being there.

The NSW Police Force Code of Conduct emphasises that no form of discrimination or harassment will be tolerated and any breach might result in removal from the NSW Police Force.

If you have been approached by Police and/or arrested, or believe you were treated unfairly – you have every right to seek legal advice and/or lodge a complaint against the officer/s.

Please be very careful and immediately REPORT or send us an EMAIL if you encounter these officers.


If you see police, NEVER run away – even if you’re afraid… they will chase you and may put you at risk of injury.

If you’re approached, officers will ask for your name and what you’re doing in the area, and you may be asked to move-on… always be polite and carry out their directions.

Be aware that officers may attempt to provoke and intimidate you with an inappropriate and homophobic comment… remain calm and make note of what they do and say to you – never physically or verbally abuse an officer.

Officers CANNOT ask if you’re a ‘poofter’… simply ask for their name, rank and station, advise them you will be making a complaint – and walk away.

Officers are known to refuse or avoid telling you their details – don’t argue with them as they may charge you for something unrelated, simply note the identification or registration details of the police vehicle.


  • Always remain calm and be polite
  • Make note of the date and time
  • Make note of what the officer/s do and say to you
  • Always request their name, rank and station.. officers MUST provide these details when requested
  • Officers MUST visibly display their identification badge AT ALL TIMES
  • Ask to see identification if approached by a ‘plain-clothed’ officer
  • Make note of vehicle details and registration if they refuse… this will assist you to identify the officer/s

After the incident, clearly and objectively record the details of any incident with Police, including the time and date, what happened, and what the officers did and said to you – this will help you to remember what happened if you need to seek legal advice and/or lodge a complaintand please REPORT or send us an EMAIL